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There appears to be a great deal of concern and much misunderstanding about the decision of the EU to grant Turks visa-free travel into EU countries. 

First, dear xenophobic Brits, you do not need to worry at all because the Turks will only be admitted into the Schengen countries. The UK is outside of the Schengen area. 

Second, the visas that are being granted are only Tourist Visas. This means that working is prohibited so Turkish people will not be allowed to work in the EU. It is only people belonging to EU member states who are permitted to work in the EU. Turkey is not an EU member and will not be able to become one until/unless it meets all of the membership criteria laid down by the EU. 

Should Turks be able to travel to EU countries without visas? Yes, I believe they should. Turkey is helping the EU out in a big way with the migrant crisis so it is fair and reasonable that it should benefit in return.

British citizens are required to have a visa to enter Turkey, but this is a very cheap and easy process that can either be done online for $20 or on arrival in Turkey for £20. The visa granted to British citizens is valid for 90 days. For Turks travelling to the EU, the visa required is much more expensive and difficult to obtain. There is a huge amount of form filling to be done and endless documents have to be supplied. It can take several weeks for the visa to be granted and the cost is approximately 100 Euros for a one-week tourist visa. 

So now you can stop worrying: The threat from Turkey is no more of a threat than the turkey that sits on your dinner table at Christmas.

You can find a full but easy-to-read explanation of the deal that has been reached between Turkey and the EU here:  



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