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The view of one British truck driver

The repercussions of a Brexit seem to be boundless. Yesterday I was chatting to a lorry driver at a motorway service station. He is self-employed and owns one truck. He employs a co-driver and they earn their living transporting furniture to European countries.

To deliver to EU countries is incredibly easy as there are neither borders nor customs. However, when he has to deliver to Switzerland, which he does fairly frequently, he says "the customs palaver is a nightmare". He reckons that the combination of waiting around and form filling adds about £500 to the cost of the contract.

If the UK were to leave the EU then every delivery into every EU country would cost an additional £500. That cost would have to be passed on to the client, and the client would have to pass it on to his customers. Which would result in goods from the UK being significantly more expensive for EU customers. 

"Do you think you'd lose business due to this?" I asked. 

"Of course I would," he replied. "The EU countries will just buy from other EU suppliers so the UK and me and my mate will all lose out."

There must be many thousands of small British businesses in a similar position. Which amounts to yet another reason why the UK needs to remain in the EU. 

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