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The Great European sandwich filling

A child of average intelligence leaves primary school with sufficient knowledge of geography to be able to position Britain, America, Europe & Russia on a map of the world. Many Brexiters appear unable to do this. So let's make it very simple. To the west of Britain, across the Atlantic Ocean, lies America. To the north east of Britain lies Russia. Russia has a land border with several EU countries.

Putin is in charge of Russia. Putin is not friendly to Britain or to the EU. Putin would like Britain to leave the EU because that could result in the break up of the EU. NATO is increasing its presence in the Baltic states and Poland is in the process of recruiting a 35,000 strong Home Guard. Such moves are not indicative of confidence in Putin as a peacemonger. 

In November there is a distinct possibility that the USA will elect Trump as its new president. Trump is lacking in many things including diplomatic skills, political knowledge and the desire to maintain peace in the world. He has not the slightest care about the well-being of Britain or Europe. Last week he didn't know what Brexit meant; this week he's all in favour of it happening. 

Europe and the UK lie between the domains of Trump and Putin. We're the filling in the sandwich. In the 1970s we moaned and laughed about British Rail sandwiches which comprised a mangy bit of soggy ham flanked by two measly slices of  dried up white bread. If the UK opts to Brexit, it is in danger of becoming a single slice of soggy ham wedged between two enormous doorsteps of bread baked by Putin and Trump. That would give us everything to moan about and no cause for laughter. If we stay in the EU, we are part of the filling in a sandwich with a bite-defying content: British ham, Bratwurst, chorizo, saucisson, pepperoni, salami and so much more. The population of the EU countries combined is larger than the populations of the USA and Russia combined. Which results in a sandwich with more filling than bread.  

Common sense says it's better for us to be part of the Great European sandwich filling that can defy the bite of Putin and Trump.  

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