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NATO and the Enemy Within

Theresa May returned from her visit to Trump raving about having secured his support for NATO. For this Mrs May was highly commended by all and sundry. A foolish commendation.

Trump has whinged loudly about the lack of contribution to NATO by its members. He has threatened to pull America out of NATO if the other members do not pull their weight. That would actually be a very good move. Not for America but for all of the other members. 

What is NATO for? Primarily it exists as a deterrent. It is there to protect each member from attack by non-NATO members. If anyone attacks any NATO member, all NATO members are bound to defend the member who has been attacked. Which is all very good when NATO members behave in a responsible way and do not invite attack. Think about that. Think about that in the context of the Trump regime. 

Can Trump be relied upon not to provoke attack? The first thing Trump does in the morning is cast an inflammatory tweet or several in the direction of the victim of the moment. He has no notion of diplomacy and zero respect for the rule of law. He believes he is empowered by presidency to trample upon anyone who stands between him and power. Trump stands as a bull on the steps of the White House waving a red flag at every other bull on the planet. It can only be a matter of time before one of those bulls charges at Trump's red flag. 

When - and when seems more probable than if - that happens, who wants to be bound to save Trumpistan? I do not. And I do not think that any nation with a government in its right mind should want to remain in a NATO of which Trumpistan is a member. 

Thank you NATO, you've done a grand job of peace keeping for many decades. But now it's time to say goodbye. For the enemy is not without; the enemy is within.


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