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MEP data: Peanuts from Circus Monkeys

Being the sort of person who needs quantitative data to make sense of the world, today I've been looking at numbers - numbers that relate to our MEPs. 

The UK has 73 MEPs in the European Parliament. Of these only 39 want us to remain in the EU. 29 want to leave and 5 still can't make up their minds. In essence, that means that 29 of our MEPs do not believe in the EU and 5 have no idea whether they believe in it or not. 23 of the 29 offenders are UKIP and 5 are Conservative. 

We complain that we get a raw deal from the EU. One the whole we don't. But we should. And this, I believe, is the underlying reason. A UKIP supporter standing as an MEP smacks at a turkey voting for Christmas. In the UK almost no one has any idea who their MEPs are. In the rest of the EU almost everyone does. Only a paltry minority of UK voters bother to vote at all and most of us have no idea when the last EU election was or when the next will be. I have yet to meet anyone who knows that we have batches of MEPs representing regions. 

In the UK we send our failed politicians to Europe. In the rest of Europe, the best of aspiring statesmen are sent as their country's representatives. In the UK we elect people to be MEPs who do not believe that the EU should exist at all. And we pay them good salaries to fail to represent us. 

If we stay in the EU - which I hope and believe we should - we need to radically reappraise our attitude. Or we deserve to receive peanuts from our circus monkeys. 

The MEP data is in the table below. More info is available at

Please don't shoot the messenger but do think long and hard and seriously about how we move forward after 23rd June. If you have the time and commitment to fight the battle to bring about the necessary changes to this extraordinary mess... contact me. 




Ulster Unionist1  1
Sinn Fein11  
Plaid Cymru11  
Lib Dem11  
Green Party33  
Democratic Unionist1 1 
UKIP23 23 


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