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How to decide on the EU referendum

Voting in the EU referendum is almost certainly one of the most important things that any of us will do this year for the outcome will be a huge determinant of the future of the UK. When facts are wrapped in hyperbole and presented by biased parties, it is very difficult to separate fact from opinion and fiction. But it is extremely important that we all try to do this. 

The most comprehensive explanation of the Remain case is David Miliband's speech of 12th April. The full text of the speech is here:

I would advise everyone to read this. If you are considering voting to leave the EU you will be doing so from an informed position instead of one of ignorance. 

The speech is quite long and covers many different areas. If you are not used to reading in-depth material, it is best to print the speech and then read through it slowly and carefully. Look at each section in turn, and make notes beside each argument. Pause frequently to give yourself time to digest and think through each point. Think carefully about what you agree and disagree with and why. Refer to other sources if you are in doubt or something appears unclear. 

You will need at least a couple of hours for this exercise, but it will be time well spent and, at the end of it, you can put your hand on your heart and know that your vote will be based on an informed decision. Whichever way the referendum goes, only about half of us are going to be happy with the result - that's life and politics. Just be sure that you are casting your vote in a direction that you will never regret. 

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