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Domestic Simplicity

Sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones, and this certainly applies to the EU referendum debate. Most people in the UK are just normal down-to-earth people leading ordinary lives in ordinary places. We're not the ones with huge incomes or vast amounts of savings stashed in off-shore accounts, and we don't inhabit mansions. Estate management is about hoovering the house and mowing the lawn. 

Our general concerns are to make our money go as far as it can, to provide for our families and educate our children. We care about our homes and we value our holidays. We worry about our health and we are eternally grateful for the NHS. We are the ones who need to know where we stand. We need to know that we can pay the mortgage or rent, that we can afford to eat reasonably well and that there is enough in the kitty for a treat at the end of the week. 

For this to happen, financial and political stability are imperatives, and they can only pertain if we stay in the EU. Today, George Osborne has announced that a Brexit would drive up the mortgage rate and the CEO of Southampton Airport has spoken out in favour of staying in the EU. There is a consensus amongst the financial community, the travel industry and the majority of UK businesses that the UK is #StrongerIn the EU. 

The Brexiteers have spent the UK's contribution to the EU many times over. Today Buffoon Boris and Michael Gove have told us that this money can be spent on the NHS ( Where it will actually need to be spent - it and a great deal more - is on paying for the trade deals and re-making of laws that Brexit will necessitate. And all that will be available to fund those crusades will be the remainder after the farmers have received their subsidy - the one that they will need to replace the huge subsidy lost from the EU. 

For domestic simplicity at both a household level and a national lever, it makes no sense whatsover to leave the EU. If we stay in we know exactly where we stand. We stand where we are now. We know we can pay our rent and mortgages, buy our food, staff our hospitals and care homes, and enjoy cheap and easy travel to Europe. Our jobs will be more secure and we will keep all the benefits that we need in the form of paid holidays, reasonable working hours, sick benefit, parental leave and maternity pay. And - most important of all - we can continue to enjoy peace and prosperity alongside our friends and neighbours in Europe. 

The saying 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' was never more true. The EU ain't broke so don't Brexit. 




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