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Breakfast in Dover

This morning I put three nonagenarians onto a coach in Dover. They were heading off to Europe for a week - a week which they believe may be their last holiday outside of the UK. 

Over breakfast in a nondescript hotel, they told me that they didn't think they'd be able to cope with the travelling if Britain opted to leave the EU. One pointed out how much longer the queues are if you don't have an EU passport, and another commented on how much more paperwork there is if you're not an EU citizen. All were concerned about the loss of the EHIC card which pretty much guarantees free medical care anywhere in the EU. At the moment, they know that if they are taken sick on holiday, one of their children can hop in the car and drive over to rescue and repatriate them. They would not be prepared to take the risk of travelling without that knowledge. 

So there you are: if the UK opts for Brexit, many of our elderly people could lose out on their last few years of European travel. Would you really want to deprive your elderly parents of such pleasure? I'm sure I wouldn't for that would be a travesty and a tragedy.


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