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Blue Green Algae

March 1, 2017

This week on the campaign trail I made a new discovery.

Even on a Sunday most people are up and dressed by 2pm. But not, it seems, supporters of UKIP and the BNP. Most people manage to clad themselves in a least a dressing gown or pyjamas before opening the front door. But not, it seems, supporters of UKIP and the BNP.  I don't mind - I'm not that easily offended. I'm not even offended by those that told me to "F*** off, you stupid leftie." But I was fascinated. By the near-naked bodies.

The supporters of UKIP and the BNP - at least the youngish male ones - are not actually white. Those who would claim that whites and Brits are supreme are not themselves white. They are a shade of blue that is most usually associated with Blue-Green algae. This colour, so often attributed to pond life, is not derivative from the cold brought about by lack of clothing but by being tattooed from head to foot. 

So now you now: UKIP & the BNP are not white; they are coloured.

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