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The leaked Brexit impact paper entitled “EU Exit Analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing” raises important questions for both Remainers and Leavers about Britain’s future.


The three scenarios modelled in this analysis all show a damaging reduction in economic growth for a UK outside of …

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Amendment Seven to the EU Withdrawal Bill - Why it Matters

Amendment seven to the European Withdrawal Bill was passed by Parliament last week. The government was defeated by 309 votes to 305. The importance of this amendment cannot be overstated.


Amendment seven requires any Brexit deal to be approved by Parliament in a separate Act. It was tabled …

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Brexit Simplified

Okay. Brexit is too complicated for those people of will to get their heads around. So let’s simplify it. 

28 people form a property consortium. They are going to build an estate of 28 properties - a home for each of them. 

Together they buy a plot of land. They employ an architect to desig…

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NATO and the Enemy Within

Theresa May returned from her visit to Trump raving about having secured his support for NATO. For this Mrs May was highly commended by all and sundry. A foolish commendation.

Trump has whinged loudly about the lack of contribution to NATO by its members. He has threatened to pull America out of NA…

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A Sovereign Nation of Liars

A child who lies is punished; a politician who lies may become Prime Minister. 

Last week's referendum was won by Leave in consequence of a campaign based more on lies than truth. None on the Remain side would have been happy with the vote to Brexit, but most of us would have accepted it if it …

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A Blonde Nightmare

Today I have written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. I have written to complain about Boris. My email is below. If you would also like to write, the email address is

Dear Sirs

I write to complain about the behaviour of Boris Johnson which I…

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Thank you

Thank you to all of my wonderful followers on Twitter who re-tweeted my tweet on the Emergency Proxy Vote today. We managed to help a surprising number of people who thought they could not vote due to unforeseen circumstances. This included one woman who was rushed into hospital to have her baby las…

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Never subsume fear to hatred

The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 sparked my interest in politics. I was a 15-year old in an all girls boarding school when I heard about the Act on the News on the transistor radio that I kept hidden under my mattress. We were not allowed radios and we were not allowed to think for ourselves. We w…

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The Great European sandwich filling

A child of average intelligence leaves primary school with sufficient knowledge of geography to be able to position Britain, America, Europe & Russia on a map of the world. Many Brexiters appear unable to do this. So let's make it very simple. To the west of Britain, across the Atlantic Ocean, lies …

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18 days to go...

18 days to go until the Referendum and where are we now?

90% of economists and just about everyone with any expertise in the world of economics and finance has told us we're #StrongerIn and that a Brexit would severely damage the UK economy. But the Brexit cheerleaders do not want to hear. Farage…

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Burgers for Brexonomists

Brexonomics can be defined as the economic process whereby the least efficient and most expensive form of trade is to be preferred above any other.

If you live in Plymouth and you want a take-away burger on a Saturday evening, do you go to the MacDonalds in Plymouth or the one in Aberdeen? Brexon…

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MEP data: Peanuts from Circus Monkeys

Being the sort of person who needs quantitative data to make sense of the world, today I've been looking at numbers - numbers that relate to our MEPs. 

The UK has 73 MEPs in the European Parliament. Of these only 39 want us to remain in the EU. 29 want to leave and 5 still can't make up their mi…

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An elderly Wiltshire farmer

Martin Shallcross, an elderly Wiltshire farmer, says that without the EU it would have been impossible to make a living from farming.

My mother (87) found this article in a 2014 edition of the Blackmore Vale Magazine.

We had been discussing how farming might fare with a Brexit when my mother s…

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Recipes for Campaigners

The bank holiday weekend is here at last so here are a couple of recipes for a very quick feast - just so you don't starve while you're campaigning to keep us in the EU. 


ASPARAGUS & BROAD BEAN RISOTTO - feeds 4 - takes under 30 mins all in

750ml chicken stock (strong) plus 50ml dry she…

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Breakfast in Dover

This morning I put three nonagenarians onto a coach in Dover. They were heading off to Europe for a week - a week which they believe may be their last holiday outside of the UK. 

Over breakfast in a nondescript hotel, they told me that they didn't think they'd be able to cope with the travelling…

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The Minister for Injustice

We have a Minister for Justice. Mr Gove. In his previous incarnation he was Secretary of State for Education until he upset almost everyone in education. Now Mr Gove has upset me. In fact, he has lit the blue touch paper. I've just read the 38 Degrees' fact check on Michael Gove's reasons for leavin…

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Odes to Political Toads

Today I'm in a particularly mean frame of mind. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the attitude of Boris & Co. to Obama, repulsed by the repulsive Trump, and waiting pointlessly for a reply that is resolutely not forthcoming from my requests to the Brexit leaders for direction to the location of their co…

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How to decide on the EU referendum

Voting in the EU referendum is almost certainly one of the most important things that any of us will do this year for the outcome will be a huge determinant of the future of the UK. When facts are wrapped in hyperbole and presented by biased parties, it is very difficult to separate fact from opinio…

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Domestic Simplicity

Sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones, and this certainly applies to the EU referendum debate. Most people in the UK are just normal down-to-earth people leading ordinary lives in ordinary places. We're not the ones with huge incomes or vast amounts of savings stashed in off-shore account…

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Recipe for Disaster

I promised you all my Recipe du Jour so here it is:



Several thousand Kippers. 

1 Master Chef

A number of facts relating to the EU to be coarsely chopped into a large pile of Red Herrings


The Master Chef needs to be well soused …

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