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Blog posts June 2016

A Blonde Nightmare

Today I have written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. I have written to complain about Boris. My email is below. If you would also like to write, the email address is

Dear Sirs

I write to complain about the behaviour of Boris Johnson which I…

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Thank you

Thank you to all of my wonderful followers on Twitter who re-tweeted my tweet on the Emergency Proxy Vote today. We managed to help a surprising number of people who thought they could not vote due to unforeseen circumstances. This included one woman who was rushed into hospital to have her baby las…

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Never subsume fear to hatred

The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 sparked my interest in politics. I was a 15-year old in an all girls boarding school when I heard about the Act on the News on the transistor radio that I kept hidden under my mattress. We were not allowed radios and we were not allowed to think for ourselves. We w…

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The Great European sandwich filling

A child of average intelligence leaves primary school with sufficient knowledge of geography to be able to position Britain, America, Europe & Russia on a map of the world. Many Brexiters appear unable to do this. So let's make it very simple. To the west of Britain, across the Atlantic Ocean, lies …

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18 days to go...

18 days to go until the Referendum and where are we now?

90% of economists and just about everyone with any expertise in the world of economics and finance has told us we're #StrongerIn and that a Brexit would severely damage the UK economy. But the Brexit cheerleaders do not want to hear. Farage…

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