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Blog posts May 2016

Burgers for Brexonomists

Brexonomics can be defined as the economic process whereby the least efficient and most expensive form of trade is to be preferred above any other.

If you live in Plymouth and you want a take-away burger on a Saturday evening, do you go to the MacDonalds in Plymouth or the one in Aberdeen? Brexon…

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MEP data: Peanuts from Circus Monkeys

Being the sort of person who needs quantitative data to make sense of the world, today I've been looking at numbers - numbers that relate to our MEPs. 

The UK has 73 MEPs in the European Parliament. Of these only 39 want us to remain in the EU. 29 want to leave and 5 still can't make up their mi…

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An elderly Wiltshire farmer

Martin Shallcross, an elderly Wiltshire farmer, says that without the EU it would have been impossible to make a living from farming.

My mother (87) found this article in a 2014 edition of the Blackmore Vale Magazine.

We had been discussing how farming might fare with a Brexit when my mother s…

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