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Blog posts March 2016

Corrections for Mr Hargreaves

This morning I received the LEAVE.EU letter from Peter K. Hargreaves that I believe has been sent to most people in the UK. Being firmly anchored in the other camp, I would not have expected to agree with the content of the letter but I would have expected it to be well-written. It was not. The stan…

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Portsmouth votes to Brexit

Portsmouth City Council has voted to support Brexit. This was comprehensively reported by Greg Heffer in the Express on 24th March (

According to this article: "The council’s m…

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The view of one British truck driver

The repercussions of a Brexit seem to be boundless. Yesterday I was chatting to a lorry driver at a motorway service station. He is self-employed and owns one truck. He employs a co-driver and they earn their living transporting furniture to European countries.

To deliver to EU countries is i…

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There appears to be a great deal of concern and much misunderstanding about the decision of the EU to grant Turks visa-free travel into EU countries. 

First, dear xenophobic Brits, you do not need to worry at all because the Turks will only be admitted into the Schengen countries. The UK is out…

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Brexit cannot cure Immigration

The greatest of all factors driving the campaign to leave the EU appears to be immigration. I use the verb ‘cure’ in the title because immigration seems to be widely perceived as a disease. The moral issues of immigration are not going to receive attention here. The sole objective of this article is…

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The European Courts: Elected or Unelected?

High on the list of complaints levied against the EU is the claim that UK sovereignty has been handed over to an unelected court in Europe that inflicts its decisions upon us. Is this correct?

Let’s take a look at the structure of the European court system. To begin with, it is not one court but …

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Ceasefire Please!

Too often I have been surprised at how many of us Brits know almost nothing about our representatives in Europe. We have spent decades complaining about the EU and the raw deal that we believe we get from it. And yet we do not even know who is representing us there. In contrast, most people in Franc…

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The Divorce Bill

Those who desire Brexit are claiming that there will be no problem establishing independent trade deals with EU member countries. They also seem to believe that such deals can be made quickly and will be sought as determinedly by the EU members as by an outsider Britain. And one of the main reasons …

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